About Us

At the moment, “us” is just me. My name is Sean and I'm a 35 year old man living in northwestern Vermont, situated about ten minutes down the mountain from a popular ski resort… and I don't ski.

A Little Background

I've never been what most would consider fit or fat. I'm just your average guy going through life happy to eat whatever tastes good. I also enjoy lounging on the couch in front of a good movie. If I had to pin-point when my interest in getting in shape peaked, it would have been the day someone close to me made a comment about about my double chin. It's been about five years since then and apparently that simple statement got to me because I still think about those words often and use them for motivation.

I'd like to say that from the moment that comment slammed into my ears it was all exercise, eating tuna-wraps & salads, and drinking nothing but water... but it wasn't. Making lifestyle changes is hard and I'm certainly no exception.

About three years ago, I finally decided to get serious about toning-up to see what I could do about my chin situation, soft abs, and less than stellar arms. No, I haven't been working out 24/7/365 — "Getting serious" is tough and there have been periods of ample rest (think months).

I did, however, manage to make some lasting changes. I've committed to eating healthier; I bought a treadmill (two, actually); I bought a weight bench; I bought some of the heavily advertised DVD video sets; I try to always take the stairs; I remove the snow from my driveway with a shovel.

Despite my determination, I couldn't get an exercise routine to stick for more than a few weeks to a couple months. The realization that boredom and repetition were the cause of my declining interest was the genesis of Home Fitness on Tap. I decided to embrace my weaknesses instead of fighting them.

I did some preliminary online research for home gym equipment rental companies and found a few results. None were local & all were expensive.

Why I Started Home Fitness on Tap

Once I realized that this service didn't exist and really wanting to personally have access to equipment rentals, I began thinking about others who could benefit from a service like this. A few groups came to mind:

  1. People who can't afford to or do not want to buy equipment;
  2. People who workout inside seasonally;
  3. People who know they get bored with routines and would prefer access to a variety of equipment instead of investing in a single machine;
  4. People who are recovering from injury and only need a piece of equipment for a short period of time;
  5. People who don't live near a gym;
  6. People who prefer to work out at home.

With a fairly broad customer base in mind, I decided that it was worth a shot.

The premise is simple: Provide customers with modern, well maintained home gym equipment rentals at weekly and monthly rates while providing related services.

Those services include: Equipment delivery with in-home setup, equipment break-down and pick-up, host an online [local] community support forum, and if everything goes well, provide a streaming service though the website featuring licensed workout & healthy living videos.

The equipment rental model has several built in benefits:

  1. The large up-front (often financed) cost of home gym equipment is removed;
  2. Customers can now trade-in equipment they've out-grown or have become bored with for something that will keep their routine fresh and fun;
  3. In-home equipment placement and setup is not offered by most delivery services.

Hopefully the above has given you some insight into why this service exists and how I see it benefiting the community. I also hope that you see how the services I offer can benefit your personal health and fitness. Home Fitness on Tap is still very young and I hope to add more services in the future.

Please contact me if you'd like to share your thoughts, comments, or if you have suggestions for new services.

Sean B.

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