Fitness on Your Terms

Don't let expensive home gym equipment get in the way of reaching your personal goals — Rent a treadmill, elliptical, weight machine, or any number of other home gym machines from us today for WAY LESS than buying.

Call or Text us today at (802) 489-6646 to learn how we can help you meet your fitness goals

As a bonus, swap in your equipment in as few as 3 months to keep your workout fresh, fun, and exciting!

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  • Buying vs. Renting

    Buying Renting
    • · Credit card payments don't stop just because of an injury;
    • · You're on the hook when the equipment breaks.
    • · Expensive delivery fees
    • · Injured? Bored? Simply give us a call and we'll pick up the home exercise equipment.
    • · We handle maintenance & repairs.
    • · We deliver and pickup for free!
  • Workout Advice & Diet Information

    We're working hard to find excellent workout advice for our customers. We also strive to list detailed information about past & present diet trends.

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  • Special Offers

    Check back often to see what our special offers and coupons are. We often offer seasonal, new customer and equipment bundle deals!

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Get Fit… on a Budget

Spending $1500+ on a home treadmill is a good idea because it's shiny and new and the expense of the machine will provide the motivation to commit to an exercise routine and finally get fit, right?

Not exactly… Owning your own home gym equipment is a great option if you're a professional athlete, personal trainer, or if you enjoy exercising daily. However, for the other 99% of us, our treadmills, ellipticals and weight machines often sit idle for weeks, months or even years while we wait for our next block of inspiration to hit. All the while, the equipment we purchased for hundreds or thousands of dollars loses value, becomes dirty and broken down, and takes up valuable living space in our home.

Let Home Fitness on Tap provide you with the workout machines of your choice for a fraction of the cost and none of the headaches. We'll handle the delivery, removal, maintenance, and repairs while you worry about busting your rump working for those results!